Act now to make New York One Million Solar Strong

Together, we can power one million homes with solar and accelerate an equitable transition to our clean energy future
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Act now to make New York One Million Solar Strong

Together, we can power one million homes with solar and accelerate a just transition to our clean energy future
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Make New York One Million Solar Strong

Join the call for a Million Solar Strong New York! Governor Cuomo has committed to move New York to 100% carbon-free energy by 2040 and has doubled the state’s solar goal, for enough local solar to power a million homes by 2025. Let’s make it happen on rooftops and in communities across the state, including low- and moderate-income communities, urban and rural communities, and especially in environmental justice communities.


We’re calling on Governor Cuomo to resist the Trump Administration’s attacks on progress and fulfill his clean energy commitments with bold action: Build a #SolarStrongNY with one million homes powered by solar over the next five years. A million homes powered by solar will create local jobs, save New Yorkers on utility bills, increase economic investment, cut harmful air pollution, and accelerate an equitable transition to our clean energy future. This is the most important decision Governor Cuomo can make to protect our growing local solar industry in 2019 — and it’s the right choice for New York.

Raise Your VoiceCoalition Statement on Gov. Cuomo's Energy Commitment

The Problem

Climate change and air pollution endanger all New Yorkers, and climate-fueled weather is reaching devastating new extremes, like Hurricane Sandy and the recent Hurricane Maria. But the Trump Administration is doing everything in its power to move backward on climate action and keep the big polluters in charge. Our economy relies on good local jobs, yet the Trump Administration has targeted and damaged our homegrown solar industry.

In an era without federal leadership, Governor Cuomo has made major steps to move New York in the right direction on climate and clean energy. But the attacks on climate and economic progress call for bold and urgent efforts to accelerate our transition to clean power. And while many New Yorkers have tapped into the benefits of clean energy, many more need access. Our communities can’t wait for visionary action.

The Solar Solution: Build a #SolarStrongNY

Together, we can achieve a more equitable transition to clean energy that grows our economy and protects our climate. The Million Solar Strong goal includes options to bring solar access to renters and others who can’t place solar on their roofs. This vision will drive:

Environmental Leadership

With environmental and clean energy progress under attack every day by the Trump Administration, we need New York and Governor Cuomo to take bold action now more than ever.

Economic Opportunity

Solar is a tremendous economic engine that will create good local jobs across New York, reduce utility bills, increase investment, and help rebuild the middle class.

Clean Energy Equity

We must lead an equitable transition to clean energy, ensuring access for communities of color and low-income families who have disproportionately borne climate impacts.

Building on New York's Solar Success

With 1,253 megawatts of solar deployed across the state, New York’s solar success has already delivered:

Homes Powered By Solar

Solar Jobs


Price Decline in Past 5 Years

Billion in Total Solar Investment

When the Trump Administration Blocks Climate and Solar Progress,

New York Must Lead the Way.

Governor Cuomo has taken significant steps to make New York a solar and climate leader. But the Trump Administration’s reckless actions require an equally bold response. New York must redouble its efforts to ensure our climate and solar progress. If Governor Cuomo commits to this vision and the policy roadmaps to bring it to life by 2023, we’ll make a huge leap in an equitable transition to clean energy:

Total Homes Powered by Solar Energy

Low-Income Households Powered

Roadmap to One Million

Read our policy roadmaps for the details on how New York can establish the programs and policies to achieve the mission of one million households powered by solar.

See how to ensure that our communities transition to clean energy through broad and equitable participation, which will bring the benefits of solar to 100,000 more low-income households.

Roadmap to One Million Solar Households


Roadmap for Low-Income Customers


The Coalition For a #SolarStrongNY

The Million Solar Strong Coalition is comprised of industry, environmental, justice and community organizations united by the vision of a strong clean energy economy that works for all New Yorkers.

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Act Now to Make New York One Million Solar Strong!

Join the campaign for a #SolarStrongNY. Raise your voice today: