Building a #SolarStrongNY

We’re calling on Governor Cuomo to resist the Trump Administration’s attacks on progress and make his biggest energy commitment yet: Build a #SolarStrongNY with one million homes powered by solar over the next five years.

On Tuesday, Sept. 18, we rallied at the Capitol with New Yorkers across the state calling for more local clean energy.

Join the movement! Raise your voice for a Million Solar Strong New York.


The Million Solar Strong New York Campaign is organizing events across the state and calling on Governor Cuomo to commit to enough distributed solar to power one million new homes with solar by 2023, including at least 100,000 low-income homes. We are also calling on the state to implement the right policies and programs that will support solar access to all people, ensure an equitable transition and will pave the path to a million solar homes by 2023.

A million homes powered by solar will create local jobs, save New Yorkers on utility bills, increase economic investment, cut harmful air pollution, and accelerate an equitable transition to our clean energy future. This is the most important decision Governor Cuomo can make to protect our growing local solar industry in 2018 — and it’s the right choice for New York.

Co-sponsors for the Rally for a Million Solar Strong New York: Vote Solar, NYSEIA, SEIA, Acadia Center, ACE NY, NRDC, New Yorkers for Clean Power, NYLPI, Pace Energy and Climate Center, Earth Day Initiative, Environment New York and the Coalition for Community Solar Access.

E-mail for more info and to sign up as a co-sponsor of the rally and the campaign.